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We believe that every fitness regime is greatly assisted by having your own Personal Trainer who understands the whole of you.

Whether your goal is to improve your general fitness (cardio, resistance and strength), change your body composition, manage your weight, injury rehab or pre and post natal training, our team of experts will offer their guidance and provide you with a bespoke training plan. Please contact individual trainers for further information.

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Francisco Lerdo de Tejada Enterria
Francisco Lerdo de Tejada Enterria

Personal Trainer

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2005. I have studied (and still do) various forms of Yoga and Pilates, both mat and reformer. I also study Tai Chi and Taekwondo, as well as gym-based training and Personal Training.

My approach in training is to help you become physically and mentally healthier. I work alongside people to improve injuries, weaknesses or imbalances and to strengthen muscles in order to develop and maintain a good posture.  I introduce safe and sound patterns of movements for your back and joints, useful for everyday movements and for specific activities.


Level 4 Weight management for obese & diabetic clients | Level 3 GP exercise referral |Level 3 Personal trainer | Pilates mat work level 1 & 2 | Yoga Instruction |Level 2 Fitness instructor | Tai Chi & Chi Kung. | Certificate in Kettle Bell instruction | Certificate in Sport Nutrition | Certificate in indoor cycling | Certificate in indoor rowing | Diploma (D.I.P) in Tuina (Acupressure) Massage | Diploma (I.T.E.C.) in On Site Massage

Alice Cadge

Alice Cadge

Personal Trainer

Alice is a Personal Trainer, specialising in Pre/Post Natal Fitness.

Alice combines skills such as communication, patience and dedication with her love of training. She will encourage you to explore different styles of training so you can move in a way that feels good to you. Alice will support you on your fitness journey, providing creative and personable programmes to help you towards the goal of making your body as healthy and functional as possible.


Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

Level 3 Specialist Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


Mobile: 07879622823

Wai Cheung

Wai Cheung

Personal Trainer

I enjoy working with people of all capabilities and levels, providing sensible and science-based training programmes to reach your goals, whether fat-loss, preparing for a specific event, or kick-starting a lifestyle change you’ve been promising yourself.

I have a martial arts background, a 4th Dan Black Belt, Team England Karate Head Coach and deeply passionate about coaching, be it one-on-one or working with groups.

My coaching journey started as result of years of personal hard training and a desire to be healthier, fitter and stronger, whilst following a sporting background in competitive full-contact karate gaining major honours.

As a coach it’s my role to second guess and plan ahead as much as possible, highlight paths to your goal, then support you all the way. You may experience the odd bump along the way, but I’ll make damn sure you know where we’re headed and given the right tools to get there sustainably.

Together we are a team. Be committed, trust the process, and I’ll have your back!

07899 712255



Personal Trainer/ Nutrition coach

I have been a Personal trainer since 2006.

I strive for my clients to develop long-term behavioral changes by improving their nutritional education, understanding of progressive exercise routines and how to fit it to their lifestyle. With the right balance, we can achieve great things.

I give around-the-clock support and help to build physical and mental strength along the way. I use a warm, friendly approach that helps to create an enjoyable atmosphere to help you reach your goals.


Advanced Personal Trainer | Olympic Weight | Lifting Coach |Boxing Coach | Nutrition Advisor | Massage Therapist  


Muscle toning /building | Weight/ Fat Loss | Injury Rehab | Pre/Post-natal | Sports event-prep

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