membership policy
May 17, 2021

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form the basis upon which Fybre Fitness provides the gym membership to you. By applying for a gym membership you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Membership

1.1 If you have a Gym or Gym Plus Membership you will be committed to a minimum of 3 months’ or 12 months’ membership.

1.2 Your membership fee must be paid in monthly instalments for a minimum of 3 months or 12 months and the commitment period begins on your membership start date.

1.3 Monthly instalments are paid by direct debit, in advance of us providing the services for the month to which the payment relates.

1.4 If you cancel your direct debit during the minimum term, all unpaid monthly instalments that are due or to fall due during the minimum term shall become immediately due and payable by you.

1.5 If you want to cancel your Membership on expiry of the minimum term (on the expiry of the 3 months’ or 12 months’ period) you must give us one full month’s advance paid notice by emailing the Gym Manager at info@fybrefit.co.uk.

1.6 Unless cancelled, the membership payments will automatically continue after the minimum term of 3 or 12 months.

1.7 It is important for you to note that you cannot cancel or downgrade your Membership during the minimum term, other than in the exceptional circumstances set out in these terms and conditions below.

2. Your cancellation rights

2.1 You may only cancel or change your membership to another type during its minimum term if the following exceptional circumstances apply:

(i) You suffer a long-term illness or injury;

(ii) You become pregnant;

(iii) You lose your livelihood or have a change in your principal place of work or home

If any of the above exceptional circumstances apply, we shall be entitled to request reasonable evidence to provide sufficient proof of the exceptional circumstance. The decision as to whether the membership can be cancelled shall remain in our absolute discretion. If we agree to cancel your membership in exceptional circumstances the notice period shall be 1 paid calendar month for all types of memberships.

3. Termination by Fybre Fitness

3.1 We may terminate your membership immediately and at any time without further liability to you if your continued membership is, or is likely to be, injurious to the character and interests of Fybre Fitness or any other member, for example but not limited to, where your behaviour is abusive, violent, disruptive or threatening.

4. Freezing Membership

4.1 You may request to freeze your membership by sending an email to info@fybrefit.co.uk. You must submit your request within 1 Month prior to your freeze start date. Membership may be frozen at our absolute discretion for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months, such period to be agreed at the time of freezing the membership.

4.2 A charge of £10.00 per month will be levied for the duration of the freeze period.

4.3 Full membership fees will be re-instated and will commence from the agreed commitment to return date received from you.

4.4 Periods during which the membership is frozen do not form part of the continued duration of a Membership and will be added on to the contract term, extending the minimum term.

4.5 You must fully re-instate your membership subscription from frozen to active membership before terminating your membership, giving the required notice period as set out in clause 1.5.

4.6. You will not have access to use the club facilities during periods of freeze.

5. Using Fybre Fitness Facilities

5.1 You must complete a Pre Activity Readiness Questionnaire before using the gym or participating in classes.

5.2 You will receive a membership card to gain access to gym facilities. .

5.3 An administration fee will be charged to you for a replacement membership card.


Before entering Village Gym I can confirm that:

– Do not have any COVID-19 symptoms

– I have not received a positive test in the last seven days

– I am not waiting on a Coronavirus test result

– No member of my household has COVID-19 symptoms or is waiting on a test result

– To the best of my knowledge I have not been in close contact with anyone who is exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms or has tested positive.

– I also agree to maintain social distancing and to keep myself, fellow members and Fybre Fitness staff safe by adhering to the safety advice and guidance given.

– I understand that on each subsequent visit to Fybre Fitness I am also making the above Health Declaration.

5.5 Fybre Fitness accepts no liability for any illness or injury resulting from or caused by members` use of the facilities however it may have been caused. We accept no liability for any illness or injury from over exertion, aggravation of or precipitation of any medical condition caused by use of the our facilities. All persons use the Fybre Fitness facilities on the understanding that it shall be at their own risk and members are strongly advised to seek medical advice before they begin any exercise at Fybre Fitness.

6. Personal Details

6.1 It is your obligation to ensure that your contact details are up to date. Please ensure any changes to your postal or email address or telephone number are notified to us. We cannot be responsible for any communications that you do not receive because you did not update your contact details with us.

7. Personal Belongings

7.1 We do not accept liability for loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings.