Fybre Fitness Hub CLASSES

As we grow, so will our classes and their frequency. Please let us know which classes you are interested in booking as soon as possible as well as any times that would suit you better, so that we can schedule extra classes going forward.

How much does it cost?

FREE for monthly members
£15/ 1 class
£70 / 5 classes (this class or mix and match with other classes)
£120 / 10 classes (this class or mix and match with other classes)
from £46 per month / unlimited classes

If you already have a good idea about exercise and know your way around the gym but are not entirely sure what training methods are best for you, which exercises to include for your chosen goal or you need specific direction, our 12 week programme is the answer!

The programme will start with a 45 minute consultation where you and a PT will discuss where you are right now, where you want to get to and how to get there! The PT will then prepare a detailed 12 week programme for you, aimed at your specific goals. Once the programme is ready, you have another 30 minute appointment to ensure you understand the programme and to set you on your way. You are then equipped with your 12 week fybrefitness plan – the onus is now on you!

How much does it cost?


Fybre Fitness Hub

Are you ready for a personal mind-body-spirit journey to a new ‘you’, We have put together a 12 week life changing programme that will lead you to the pinnacle of mind/body wellness..we call it ‘myfybrelyfe’.

As an integral part of the programme, we will begin by discovering who you are today…and who you would like to be tomorrow! We will measure and record your vital statistics and with your PT at your side, we will commit to a system of improvement in all aspects of your personal physical and spiritual wellbeing. The programme will “dig in” to every aspect of your present state of health and wellbeing, with one mission…to build a better you.
“it’s really not just about changing our shape or building muscle mass …it’s about changing the way we think about ourselves and our place in the world around us, it’s about understanding at a fundamental level the inherent connectivity between every thought process and it’s effect on our physicality, it’s about getting fit mentally as well as physically .. its about learning to understand who we are … and who we could be.. It’s about total wellness at every level”

What does it include?

2 PT sessions per week for 12 weeks*

Initial and ongoing nutritional consultation including food diaries. An in-depth look at your bad habits and how to fix them.
A step by step personally tailored plan to total mind-body-spirit wellness.

Osteopathy initial and follow up consultation.

Sports massage or acupuncture.

Shiatsu massage.

Three month anytime with swim membership including all classes.

Free coffee on your visit.

Five free guest passes for the gym, swim or classes. 

* Two Personal training session must be taken each week and they are not transferrable to another period. Any sessions not used in a given week will be lost.

How much does it cost?


We believe that every fitness regime is profoundly assisted by having your own Personal Trainer who understands the whole you - where you've been, where you are and where you really want to go with your level of wellness.

So, as an integral part of our membership programme we include one 30 minute P.T. session as a ‘taster’ to set you off on your personal fitness and wellbeing journey, give you the inspiration to make a Personal Trainer a part of your programme to supreme health and keep you motivated to stay on track and reach your goals. Rest assured, we have the dream team.

Our Personal Trainers cover the following:

General fitness (cardio, resistance and strength)
Weight Loss
Marathon, Triathlon & Ironman
Core Function and Posture
Martial Arts
Pole Dancing for Strength
High Altitude Trekking
Nutrition and Food Diary Analysis

How much does it cost?

Please contact individual trainers for prices.


If it's your diet that needs a tweak, we can certainly help. Whether your goal is weight loss or perhaps even weight gain, or if you need help improving your overall diet, or need ideas on how to eat better on the go, or how to plan your meals to include more nutritional goodness and stop snacking on naughty foods... book a nutritional consultation and get back on the 'straight and slimmer'!

How does it work?

All our personal trainers are incredibly passionate about nutrition for one very obvious reason: you truly are what you eat! You can do lots of exercise but if your building blocks are of a poor quality, you WILL NOT build the body you dream of.  It really is that simple. In order to receive the consultation, you will need to build a five to seven day detailed food diary, which you will submit to your personal trainer beforehand. Please speak to your PT for the exact details on how to build a food diary as it is a crucial aspect of your consultation.

How much does it cost?